Cat Customer Value Agreement

CVAS FOR CAT MACHINES OWN NOWIf you have an expiring service contract or you are interested in a CVA for a machine you already own, the Lifecycle CVA Director offers you options. With an extend CVA for your machine currently in possession, comfort is at your fingertips. As a comprehensive solutions provider, Warren CAT focuses on providing value-added services that save your business time and money. A Cat CVA covers more than regular maintenance and repairs. A CVA is an easy ownership and maintenance contract between you and Warren CAT, which includes a set of customized services for your equipment, ranging from simple preventative maintenance kits to more comprehensive and demanding Total Cost performance guarantees, all tailored to your business and helping to reduce your costs per unit of production. Cat Customer Value Agreements (CVAs) helps make your Cat machine easy to own and ready to use. Each CVA starts with problem-free maintenance with original Cat parts delivered on time and directly to your location. The security of experienced dealer support is done with the Equipment Protection Plan (EPP) options to minimize surprise costs for covered repairs. Device Health Management Security provides you with alerts and information about machines, as well as fluid health inspections and monitoring.

Hate-free ownership means that all elements of your CVA are part of an agreement and are eligible as part of your monthly payment of the machine with a machine purchase or can be purchased separately at a later date. If you opt for a CVA with Carolina Cat, you will receive a dedicated partner who will focus on providing solutions that reduce your unit costs and increase your end result. Our team works with you to design a program for your cat and non-cat equipment based on the best strategies to increase productivity and reduce property and operating costs. From maintaining your fleet at optimal intervals to repairing or rebuilding components to extend the life of aging machines, we help you make the most of your investment. By depriving them of the maintenance burden, you can focus on what you can do best with our customer value agreements: manage your business. Take control of the health and performance of your fleet by contacting us to establish a maintenance contract that is right for you. A cat® customer value contract is an easy possession plan for your convenience. Original Cat® provide parts if you need them, right outside your door, with stress-free maintenance instructions. You will receive the security of an Appliance Protection Plan (EPP) and expert assistance against unforeseen repair costs. You have security by controlling the health of the machines directly via your phone. And everything can be included in your monthly machine payment.

It`s a simple plan to use the value of the cat – beyond the machine – to maximize your investment and reduce operating costs. It`s a CVA. Below are the main reasons why you`ll find value in a CVA: A CVA is an individualized plan for all your devices, regardless of age or application, without pre-defined requirements. It can cover an entire aircraft, systems or fleets. While a CVA is a great tool for managing new Cat devices from the start, agreements can be written even after the sale to help you control costs and improve availability. The property without problem will reunite your contract with your monthly machine payment when buying a machine or can be purchased separately at a later date. Your CVA is a plan, fit for your operation and is supported by specialized tools and advice. Once you are in place, you can focus on the work that increases your end result.