Craft Consignment Agreement Template

This may seem like a harsh recommendation, but if artists continue to quit work on the show without minimal inventory accounting, ask only trouble (with a T-capital). Too many sad stories start with mismanagement of stocks. Inventory List If you sell handicrafts on the air, some stores will also ask them to give them a detailed inventory and price list. Even if this is not the case in a store, you need to create one for your records and keep them. Write down what you bring and how much you bring. In addition, you must write the shipping price for each item. You need to know how much they sell your item and how much you get from the sale of each item. It`s also a good way to keep an overview of what`s being sold for them and if you take goods that don`t sell as well elsewhere. At WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties signed this agreement on the following date. The gallery ljaa 8100 paseo del ocaso #b, la jolla, ca 92037 858.459.1196 ljaa consignment agreement artworks form (artist`s name) (artist`s name) (email) (Address) (address) and the jolla art association (ljaa) vote this… I applaud the gallery for ensuring the craft/artwork against the risk of loss or damage. We can all understand that accidents happen despite the best care and safety efforts. Nevertheless, the gallery should be fully responsible for the work of art as long as it is in its possession.

The gallery negotiates its own insurance without any contribution from the artists. But if the work of art is beyond the artist`s control, why would the artist be held responsible for some of the loss or damage? Suppose there is a 50/50 agreement and a coin sold for $5,000 to be paid in increments of $1,000 over five months. The artist owes $2,500. According to the best arrangement, the artist receives the first $2500 paid by the collector (which would happen in the first three months). Otherwise, the artist may be in a situation of waiting until all staggered payments are made before receiving money. The contract stipulates that if a collector pays in increments, the artist will be fully paid by the first funds received and will not wait until the end. 1. The Agency`s area of activity. The artist names the gallery as the artist`s exclusive/non-exclusive agent in the following geographical area: