Domain Name Transfer Agreement

The seller owns the Internet domain name “” (the domain name) and the domain name filer with network solutions (“Registrar”). The seller received the domain name of OnRamp Access, Inc., effective July 21, 2006, pursuant to the share repurchase and domain name transfer agreement whereby OnRamp Access transferred all rights and securities on behalf of Telco Billing, Inc., LiveDeal`s wholly owned subsidiary. The domain name was then registered in the name of Telco Billing`s parent company, YP Corp, which changed its name to LiveDeal on August 14, 2007. The buyer wishes to acquire from the seller all the rights, titles and interests of the seller on the domain name and any goody associated. The seller has agreed to sell, sell, transfer and deliver to the purchaser all rights, titles and interests on the domain name, including any goody or goody associates, subject to the terms of this agreement. This contract sets out the terms of use of the No-IP domain name transmission and defines the entire agreement between you and No-IP. This agreement is very linear and simple and virtually identical to the aforementioned agreement. The difference between this agreement and the previous agreement is that this contract leads the seller to transfer both the domain name and the content of the site. This agreement, along with all the exhibits, constitutes the whole understanding and agreement of the parties regarding its purpose and replaces all previous written or oral agreements on this subject.

A waiver, amendment or amendment to this agreement only comes into effect if it is written and signed by the parties without restricting the above, and cannot be considered a waiver due to conduct or trade. No additional or other conditions in an order or acceptance or similar document are binding, unless they are executed by authorized representatives of both parties 2nd payment. Taking full account of the transfer of all rights, securities and shares in and in the Doman name to the buyer to the buyer, the buyer pays the seller the total amount of $3,850,000.00 (the “funds”). The payment is made at the same time as this agreement by both parties;i) the purchaser and seller will open a trust account (“escrow account”) with Alliance Bank of Arizona as a trust agent (“Fiduciary Agent”), pursuant to a trust agreement, as attached to Schedule B (“Escrow Agreement”),” (ii) the purchaser must deposit the funds into the cashing account by transfer of funds immediately available; and (iii) the buyer and seller each provide the Escrow agent with a copy of the contract executed for deposit into the Escrow account.