Leave And License Agreement In Mumbai

A typical holiday and licensing agreement for use in Mumbai would include the following details – these agreements are also different from rental agreements that are known to create interest in the property. And unlike rental agreements, vacation and license agreements are not transferable, because a license generates personality rights. As with any rental transaction, the rental agreement or in the case of Mumbaikars, the vacation and license agreement is an important document. The holiday and licensing agreement is a popular alternative to rental agreements in most cities of Maharashtrian. Unlike the lease, it is more attentive to the needs of the lessor and does not create a “lease”. If you had your holiday and license agreement registered by a lawyer in Mumbai, it could cost between INR 3,000 and INR 7,000, including lawyer`s fees. If you want to do it yourself, the INR fee is 1,000 if your property is covered by Municipal Corporation and INR 500 if your property is located in a rural area. Note that the agreement must be registered within 4 months of its signature. GOVERNMENT OF MAHARASHTRA Thursday, 8 July 2000 Part 4 A REVENUE AND FOREST DEPARTMENT Mantralaya, Mumbai 400,032, date 8 June 2000 COMMUNICATION The Registration Act, 1908. No.

RGN.2000/2120/CR-592/M-1- In the exercise of the powers conferred on the State of Maharashtra by sections 78 and 79 of the Registration Act 1908 (XVI of 1908), in conjunction with subsection (1) of section 55 of the Maharashtra Rent Control Act, 1999 (Mah). XVIII of 2000) the Government of Maharashtra hereby amends, with effect from the date of issue of such notification, the SCHEDULE OF FEES established in accordance with section 78 above and under government notification, Revenue Department No. RGN. 1558/67731-N of 17 July 1961, as required by section 79 above, namely: `III A For the registration of a document of consent to leave and licence where that document relates to immovable property; in the area of a limits; Municipal Corporation ₹ 1000 In any other territory ₹ 500 By order and on behalf of the Governor of Maharashtra, P. G. CHHATRE Under Secretary to Government A licence, as defined in section 52 (Chapter VI) of the Indian Easement Act, 1882, is an agreement “in which a person grants to another or a number of other persons the right to do or continue to do something in or on the land of the grantor, which would be illegal in the absence of such a right.” For technically experienced and super-experienced people, registering your vacation and license document couldn`t be easier. There are online tools that provide document registration and electronic registration services. The Government of Maharashtra has taken many initiatives to simplify the whole process, and that is why electronic registration has become so popular….