Minimum Term Collective Agreement Canada

34.17 If, for important reasons, the employer reduces or terminates an employee in accordance with subsection 51(1)(f) or (g) of the Canada Revenue Act, the claims procedure under this Agreement applies, except that the complaint may only be filed at the last level. The provisions preceded by two asterisks have been amended from the previous collective agreement. 1. The employer and the Institute may submit to the other a political complaint concerning the interpretation or application of the collective agreement or an arbitration award, in respect of one of them or the bargaining unit in general. 1.1.2 The Rating Agency shall implement effective human resources planning in order to minimise the impact of workforce adjustment situations on indeterminate staff and on the credit rating agency. 3. After considering the application, the Board of Directors may determine any matter on which the employer and the negotiator have not reached an agreement that can be included in an essential service agreement and make a decision (3) For workers appointed before the date of signature of this agreement, their birthday is the date on which the workers received their last wage increase. The purpose of this agreement is to give effect to the agreement concluded between the employer and the negotiator (hereinafter referred to as `the parties`) with regard to matters of workers` well-being. (b) Workers shall submit weekly activity and attendance reports under the conditions set by the employer.

(e) allow workers at least thirty calendar days to decide whether they wish to participate; 34.03 The time limits set out in these proceedings may be extended by mutual agreement between the employer and the worker and, where appropriate, the representative of the Institute. If the parties have not been able to agree on the continuation of activities, the BRIC shall decide on all matters relating to the application of paragraph 1 of subsection 87.4 of the Code, at the request of one of the parties, no later than fifteen days after notification of a dispute. In addition, the Minister of Labour may at any time, after having communicated a dispute to the BRIC, any question concerning the application of subsection 1 of subsection 87.4 of the Code or any question concerning whether an agreement entered into by the parties is sufficient to ensure that paragraph 1 of subsection 87.4 is complied with. (5) An increase in the part of a scale identified by intermediate steps from USD 10 to the first stage in the fixed incremental part of the scale shall be carried out on the day on which the employer certifies that the worker is to be paid at that rate. (b) in the case of travel by private transport, the normal time fixed by the employer to return from the worker`s home or place of work, where appropriate directly to the worker`s place of destination and, after the worker`s return, directly to the worker`s home or place of work. 2.The parties agree that PS staff members responsible for the above tasks will be entitled to “revocable remuneration” in the following amounts and under the following conditions: the parties agree in the absence of an agreement within eighteen months of the establishment of the Technical Committee or at any time before that date. within 30 days of joint ordering from a mediator….