Mt Newman State Agreement

6. If the Water Agreement referred to in clause 5 of this Agreement has not entered into force by 1 January 2001, clause 5 of this Agreement shall expire on that date and shall not take effect from that date. “(g) the inclusion of a power under which any special lease granted to the company under this Agreement may be amended by agreement or abandoned in whole or in part; and 8A. Notwithstanding the provisions of any law governing the duration of leases it grants, the Port Hedland Port Authority may, in accordance with approved proposals, award to joint ventures a lease of an underwater tunnel between Finucane Island and Nelson Point for a period consistent with the term of the agreement ratified under the Direct Reduced Iron Ore Agreement (BHP) Agreement Act, 1996. The Newman Company assumed the obligations of mt. Newman Company under this agreement in and under the 1964 agreement and on the basis of certain acts of agreement with the State. “Water Contract” means an agreement between Water Corporation (incorporated under section 4 of the Water Corporation Act 1995) and BHP Iron Ore Pty. Ltd. ACN 008 700 981 representing BHP Direct Reduced Iron Pty. Ltd. and Mount Newman and Mount Goldsworthy Mining Associates Joint Venturers in a form approved by the Minister with respect to the supply of water for, inter alia, the water needs of joint ventures for the purposes of this Agreement at Port Hedland; (a) any contractual transfer or other instrument proving the sale or transfer of urban property from the Rural and Industries Bank of Western Australia to the Company under a housing programme; (a) No later than the 26th. In August 1964, the agreement between the State, on the one hand, and Mt. Newman Company of the other party (whose agreement was approved by the Iron Ore (Mount Newman) Agreement Act 1964 and hereinafter referred to as “the 1964 Agreement”), Mt.

Newman Company acquired certain rights and benefits on the terms set out in the 1964 Agreement and assumed certain obligations relating to the exploration and development of certain iron ore deposits and the processing of mining transportation and the shipment of iron ore from these. (a) The Local Government Act 1960 and/or the Rural Water Supply Act 1947 and the Rural Town Sanitation Act 1948 shall be deemed to have been amended for the purpose of implementing these approved proposals by the inclusion of a power under which the competent local authorities and/or ministers are empowered and empowered to enter into and implement such an agreement. and (b) the competent local authority and such ministers or ministers may enter into and implement such an agreement notwithstanding the other provisions of this Agreement. (c) By an agreement concluded on 16 November 1967 between the State of First Party and Amax Iron Pilbara Dampier Seltrust Iron and Mitsui Iron of Part Two and Mt. Newman Company of Part Three (as provided for in the Iron Ore (Mount Newman) Amendment Act 1967 and hereinafter referred to as “the First Amending Agreement”), the parties have amended the agreement set out therein. From. 5. The Main Agreement shall be amended with effect from the later date of entry into force of the Water Agreement (as defined below) or from the entry into force of this Agreement as follows — 6B. If, as a result of an approved proposal regarding any of the matters referred to in clause 6A of this Agreement or in any amendment pursuant to section (3) of clause 20 of this Agreement, it is provided that the competent local authority, in accordance with its functions as a local authority, will enter into an agreement with the Company and/or the respective Minister or Ministers, which administers, complements and implements the Rural and Rural Water Supply and Country Act of 1947. Towns Sewerage Act 1948 to enter into and execute an agreement with the Company – (i) an agreement between the State and BHP Direct Reduced Iron Pty. Ltd.

amend the Iron Ore Processing Agreement (BHP); “The reference to the Company in this Agreement does not include persons (other than parties to this Agreement) to whom the Land has been allocated or transferred to the City as part of a housing program;” (d) any other purpose related to the use of the maintenance or operation of the Company`s services or facilities in or near an urban area, as authorized by the Minister. Executed for and on behalf of SELTRUST IRON ORE LIMITED by acting in Western Australia by its duly authorized representative Gordon MacEwan Smith in the presence of – (ii) replacing the passage “Act.” in line 9 of paragraph (f) of the passage “Act”; and (3) The Company will implement approved proposals in accordance with their terms and conditions. (A) during the period from 1 July 1989 to 31 December 1989, 5 % of the f.o.b. value; and (b) replacing the passage “instead of a townsite formed and defined in accordance with Article 10 of the Land Law” on lines 11 and 12 of the definition of “townsite”, the following passage —. (B) during the calendar year 1990; 6.25% of the f.o.b”. “(that such cities or municipalities be constituted and defined in accordance with paragraph 10 of the Land Law);” and (a) with respect to subparagraph (a) by replacing the passage “1945”; at the end of the paragraph, the passage “1945 PROVIDED, HOWEVER, that these powers and powers be amended from time to time in order to comply with proposals approved under clause 6A of these Regulations (including any amendments under paragraph 20, paragraph 3);”; “with the exception of the licence for the dissimil ore used in the Commonwealth by B.H.P., .