Mt Newman State Agreement

5. The Main Agreement is amended as follows with the subsequent entry into force of the Water Contract (as defined below) or the entry into force of this Agreement: `Water Agreement` means an agreement between Water Corporation (established pursuant to Section 4 of the Water Corporation Act 1995) and BHP Iron Ore Pty. Ltd. ACN 008 700 981 was closed as a representative for BHP Direct Reduced. Iron Pty. Ltd. and the Joint Undertaking Mount Newman and Mount Goldsworthy Mining Associates, in a form approved by the Minister with respect to water supply, including the water requirements of joint ventures for the purposes of this Agreement at Port Hedland; 8A. Notwithstanding the provisions of an Act on the duration of leases which it may grant, the Port Hedland Port Authority may grant to joint ventures, in accordance with approved proposals, a lease for the purpose of an underwater tunnel between Finucane Island and Nelson Point, for a period consistent with the term of the agreement ratified by the Iron Ore-Direct Reduced Iron Agreement Act 1996. 6. If the Water Agreement referred to in clause 5 of this Agreement has not entered into force before 1 January 2001, Article 5 of this Agreement shall expire on that date and shall no longer have effect.

(i) an agreement between the State and BHP Direct Reduced Iron Pty. Ltd. amending the Iron Ore Processing Agreement (BHP); 2. Notwithstanding a provision of the water contract, the State, between the initial date and the sixtieth anniversary of the sixtieth anniversary of the beginning or end of the extension period, shall ensure that in the event of the expiry of the water contract, the water contract is not legally terminated by the buyer- (b) in the event of expiry of the water contract of the water services coordinator, Under the Water Services Coordination Act 1995, a licence from Port Hedland Water Supply is under the BHP Iron Ore Pty supplier. Ltd. (as an agent as pre-proclaimed) under the same conditions as in the water contract contain water. “were created by the company for the needs of its companies and employees on or near mining areas”. `with the exception of the rate of royalty for lump gasoline, which is within the Commonwealth of B.H.P. either A.I.S. or to one or a company related to B.H.P. . .