Resolution To Enter Into Agreement

DETERMINED THAT Mr. [A][] [name and appointment of agent] of the company, are and are entitled to sign and execute with a competent party, person or authority, to the extent necessary, all these contracts/agreements/any other document on behalf of the company, with respect to the conduct of the company`s activities, as may be necessary or necessary on behalf of the company, and any modifications that are agreed upon, and to do whatever is necessary and that these contracts and/or agreements are binding on the company. This document assumes that directors sign a written resolution instead of holding a board meeting. As such, it must be signed by all the company`s executives. Use this decision if a company`s executives wish to authorize the company`s agreement. “RESOLVED THAT Consent of the Board of Directors of the Company be and is heresy to conclude and execute with a party, a competent person or authority, as is necessary, all these contracts and agreements of any kind or nature, including, but not limited, employment contracts, non-disclosure contracts, sales/sales contracts, investment contracts, share subscription contracts, etc., or agreements necessary or necessary for the exercise of the company`s activities.