Secondment Agreement Between Companies

Confidential information is information held by the host company, which is called confidential information by the host company and is not limited to all information identified as confidential and all information that the employee receives or has developed as part of the posting to the host entity, or to an affiliate that is not publicly available and refers to the processes. , dethrone equipment and techniques, which are used by the Host Company or a related company in the course of its commercial activities, including, but not limited to, all information, data, drawings, specifications, documentation, source code or object, constructions, constructions, constructions, work methods, functions, functions and performance advice, techniques, concepts that are not reduced to material form. , agreements with third parties, schematics and intentions, technical data and marketing information, such as financial lists and customer business plans. Next month, we will discuss key considerations in the development of Sabbath agreements. (a) written agreement between the parties in accordance with point 10.2 above; or the employer should also retain responsibility for managing the MP`s benefit during the secondment, including dealing with jurisdictional and behavioural issues. This necessarily requires feedback from the host on the MEMBER`s good results – a specific clause may be included in the agreement to require the host to regularly provide the employer with reports on the MEMBER`s progress. If it is possible to report it, it is necessary to determine the duration of the termination and whether the Member has the opportunity to inform the secondment or only his employment with the person concerned. At the end of the agreement, the employee must return all the real estate of the host company, including confidential information or intellectual property. With respect to the proposed detachment, the parties ensure that the information they provided prior to the agreement came into force is accurate, accurate and complete and that no substantial facts or guarantees are known and that none of them have been disclosed. The secondment agreement should provide a fixed duration for the detachment, which has normally been the subject of prior discussion between the employer and the host. In the usual history, the detachment contract automatically expires on the specified end date.

If the disclosure relates to information coming out of the European Economic Area, the second is required to ensure that there is adequate protection and it may be necessary to include specific provisions in the detachment agreement. Second place will be able to assert the usual rights at work against the second. If they have also become collaborators of the host during the posting period, they may, at the end of the detachment, assert related rights (even if they return to the workplace for the detachment position). However, they need an appropriate permanent job at the host.