Tire Service Agreement

a) We will replace the tire for free, unless it is established (after review) that the tire can be repaired, Evans Tire will do it for free. With the protection of tires and wheels by Thompson Toyota, you are insured for legitimate claims, no matter how many times you are faced with a problem. We repair your tire if it is damaged, and if your wheel does not hold a seal, we will replace it. Note: Tire and wheel protection is optional, it is possible (see terms of contract) and is not required to obtain credits. It`s an example of a cover. You will find full terms and conditions by appointment. Replacement costs based on the manufacturer`s proposed selling prices for a 2015 Toyota Camry. As if you`re preparing for a time change, you can protect yourself from eligible repair costs for almost all vehicles. A car service contract by Thompson Toyota offers additional protection and safety in case your vehicle needs a hidden repair beyond the original factory warranty. To protect your warranty, we recommend checking the air pressure at least monthly.

The tires must be turned and rebalanced to 5000 miles. The rotation is free with proof of the purchase of tires. The T-W protection covers damage caused by conditions defined as road hazards that affect the performance of tyres/wheels, as the tyre does not maintain air or cannot seal the wheel with the new tyre; such failures may prevent the maintenance of the manufacturer`s atmospheric pressure specifications. Note: Roads are often defined as debris on a public road such as nails, glass, potholes, rocks, tree members or other objects, or conditions that are not normally in the roadway. The directive is not transferable to other vehicles or owners. The warranty is not transferred to the replacement tires provided for by its conditions, the replacement requires the purchase of a new warranty for the cover. The protection of tires and wheels has no limit on the amount of claims during the period of your agreement. Coverage includes costs associated with replacing tires or wheels of your vehicle due to material or processing errors, damage caused by authorized road hazards1 and costs2 related to assembly, clearing, valve rods, disposal/environmental taxes and taxes.

Vehicle service agreements are a good way to pay for future repairs on costs, while using Thompson Toyota`s best service… Fifty years of unseeded customer service that speaks for itself. 2 N.Y. Ins. Law 1101( (b) (3-a) provides, in a relevant part, that the marketing, sale, offer of sale, grant, grant, issuance, proposal, manufacture or management of a service contract do not constitute, under section 79, the exercise of an insurance business in that state. This warranty does not offer tire repairs or replacements under the following conditions: Exceptions apply, for example. B a repair of the hump that would damage the paint or paint of the manufacturer. Ask your dealer or see your agreement at the time of purchase for details Risk insurance can be sold either in combination with other coverages as part of a service contract or on a stand-alone basis. However, if the contract provider is not registered with the Division as a service contract provider, the final declaration of such a contract continues to be the activity of an insurance activity, in which case a manufacturer, seller or other person cannot, whether it be a warranty or another mark, cover the road without being approved as an insurer.